Yummy Explorers

All parents are welcome with a child under 12 months old. Background to Yummy Explorers course.

Over 10 years ago the recommendations for the introduction of solids (weaning) changed from 4 to 6 months, however a lot of babies are still given solid foods much earlier than 6 months. The increased risk of obesity in later childhood is associated with introduction of foods before the recommended age of 6 months.

Pre-existing guidelines on the introduction of foods and texture at 4 months have been inappropriately transferred onto 6 months old babies. Thus parents, who are being advised to start introducing solids at 6 months, can often become confused on what foods to introduce and continue with from 6 months old.

Babies starting solids around 6 months are developmentally more capable than 4 month old babies to handle textured foods. The presumption that babies need to begin with purees before progressing to textured food is at odds with their developmental capacity.

The introduction of solids foods can be a stressful time for both parents/carers and babies, and lack of knowledge and skills can make this transition stage from breast milk /formula feeds to solids a difficult time for many parents.

About Yummy Explorers

This course gives practical advice and guidance to parents with babies on introducing solid foods.

The course consists of 4 weekly sessions for parents/carers with babies under 12 months old. At each weekly session a different food group is covered with the benefit of a diverse and balanced diet and nutritious recipes are demonstrated. Parents/carers and babies 6 months and older have the opportunity to try different dishes and healthy recipes are shared so parents/carers can have a go at home.

The sessions offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to all parents/carers who are either starting or have already started introducing solids to their babies.

By providing these practical and interactive sessions we are able to deal with parents/carer’s concerns on the process of starting their babies on solid foods from a practical angle in an informal setting.

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What parents/carers have said after attending the course:
“It gave me the boldness to try and explore various food. The course has been so useful for info and I enjoyed it too”
“Has really improved my confidence as I was starting to panic about weaning, much happier now, thanks”
“It is good to eat with other babies and parents so confidence can be built up. We plan to continue eating a varied healthy diet”