We love nutritious food

We formed as a community group in 2010 after successfully completing training on Healthy Eating and How To Run Cookery Clubs. As mothers with young children we saw how bringing people together to prepare delicious and healthy food could encourage more cooking at home and involve the whole family.

Over the years, we have tried and tested a range of Cook and Eat programmes for all audiences that create the opportunity for participants to build up their own cooking skills and knowledge of healthy eating with passion and fun.

We aim to promote and advance the health and wellbeing of our communities by:

  • Raising awareness of evidence based nutrition.
  • Providing adults and children with practical guidance and ideas on healthy eating.
  • Advancing healthy eating education through facilitating cooking and hygiene skills.
  • Providing nutritious and economical recipes suitable for feeding families and individuals.
  • Raising awareness in families and communities about how lifestyle choices and eating habits can impact health and wellbeing through shopping tours, cook and eat clubs, catering services and other appropriate activities.
  • Provide training and development support to communities, individuals and professionals on best practice in healthy eating and community engagement through food.

We couldn’t have got this far without the support of public health professionals and dietitians and community nutritionists who have supported, challenged and resourced the design of our courses.

We were soon offered the opportunity to provide lunch for a small event, which was a great experience for us to share our love of delicious healthy food. This service continues to grow in popularity as event organisers look for different and more exciting ways to provide lunch and refreshments for their guests.

If you are looking to cater an event with fresh flavours and a different twist then check out our lunch service.

Here’s what you tell us about our sessions …
“I was the only dad in today’s session, was made to feel very welcome and learnt quite a lot about sugar measurement and also what amount of sugar is ideal for my son at his age. Loved it!!!”
“Very good. The children enjoyed it and even started to get them to eat fresh fruit and veg. Thanks.”